Jun 13, 2010


You can tell my summer premiered with a bang. I haven't made a post on this god damned blog for weeks! But hey, I'm here and I got one for you. A couple nights ago I experienced some wizardly pellet which gave me and my friends the sudden urge to lurk the streets. We talked about life, happiness, and watched the sun come up. How fucking emo is that? I still enjoyed it though, so fuck off. In last few hours I've come across a song that could of easily been our soundtrack for that night/morning. We should of hired some drunken morning mess to stumble behind us holding an iPod boombox (Example). But anyway, the song is Fred Falke's 909pm At The Beach. It a very slow tempo, feel good, instrumental. It begins with the sounds of crashing waves, it then merges with the keyboard, suddenly the bass and a guitar rears its head. It's an awesome smooth sound to have on your playlist. Download and enjoy.

909pm At The Beach - Fred Falke

May 18, 2010

F*** Off

When Asher Roth first appeared on the scene, I enjoyed "I love college," But I was skeptical. I wondered if it was just another industry gimmick or if it was the emergence of a real MC. I'll be honest, my initial investigation consisted of watching one freestyle on youtube. But just recently I heard a new song by Asher and B.O.B titled, Fuck The Money. In it, both Asher and B.O.B are articulating pure realness and their true plans for the industry. Then I came across the video for Asher's song, Muddy Swim Trunks; I thought it was independent,creative genius, all done in one take. I also took notice to Asher's captivating flow and steady, controlled use of diction; it's great.

Rap and Hip-hop have gone to shit. It has become less about content and talent; it has transformed into a race of who can produce the most bullshit until they become famous. Once that occurs, you begin the repetitive emphatic of one's "soul being sold". It's some really sick shit and forced me to turn my back on all that is commercial Hip-hop. So I just want to say, Fuck you Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne, Drake, Ludacris, Gucci Mane, 50 Cent, Kanye West, OH and Fuuuuuckkk Youuuuu Soulja Boy. That 'Fuck You' also stretches to whoever else falls in their category and considering the fact that I don't listen to the radio or watch television, my list is limited (I don't trust the fuckers who appear on those mediums).

Thank you to those who have yet to sell out and are attempting to save Hip-Hop music, AquaForce, Asher Roth, Blue Scholars, Binary Star, Nas( I don't think he'll ever sell out), Kid Cudi, The Cool Kids, Consequence and many others.

B.o.B + Asher Roth - Fuck The Money[click to download]
Binary Star - Reality Check[click to download]

Asher Roth - Muddy Swim Trunks (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

May 5, 2010


Sometimes I just like listening to this old mix by Justice titled Mix Fabric. It's a culmination dance and disco tracks; a very good 45 mins.

Mix Fabric - Justice [click to download]

Apr 29, 2010


BOY CRISIS is a brooklyn based group comprised of five members, Tal Rozen, Alex Kestner, Victor Vazquez, Lee Pender, and Owen Roberts. You may recognize the lead singer Victor Vazquez from Das Racist. They don't seem to be an instrumental band, but a team of producers; it's a bit ambiguous. Their myspace bio reads, BOY CRISIS is limited liability corporation that produces "highly license-able" proto-post popular music for lovemaking, dancing, shopping, aiding cinematic narrative and other means of consumption. They are confused about their roles in their own lives and the lives of others but ultimately wish only to love and be loved.
But regardless I'm digging their music and looking to obtain their LP in its entirety. "I'm on some drugs you're on some drugs, do you want to talk to me?"

Dressed To Digress - BOY CRISIS
L'homme - BOY CRISIS

Apr 26, 2010


Did you know that you can get arrested for cursing in the streets of the U.K? Ridiculous right? What is this world coming to if humans can't express themselves without being harassed? Eh, enough about my qualms with the world. M.I.A's new single 'Born Free' is a proclamation essentially about her freedom to do whatever the fuck she wants! You don't need a bio for M.I.A. Most people, who have poked their head out of the sand for a moment, know who she is. She's the eccentric, artistic, music genius? from the U.K. This new song 'Born Free' doesn't disappoint with hard percussion, bass and some synth along with M.I.A voice altered verses. She's got something to say.

Born Free - M.I.A[click to download]
http://www.miauk.com/ [watch the video here]

Apr 21, 2010


I'm just sharing a joint from The Roots that was released several months back. It's pretty dope and I still love it.
How I Got Over - The Roots

Apr 13, 2010


Comedic rap? No. Just two guys based in Brooklyn rapping about random shit over cool beats. Himanshu Suri and Victor Vazquez, along with their hype-man Ashok Kondabolu are just entirely entertaining, even though they don't have any substantial lyrical content. Music fiends may remember their song, Combination Pizza hut and Taco Bell from a while back, but now they've released their independent album Shut up, dude. You may love it, like it, or hate it; at least judge it.

Nutmeg - Das Racist[click to download]
You Oughta Know - Das Racist[click to download]

Apr 12, 2010


The unofficial poor man's anthem and also the opening song for HBO's new show 'How to make it in America'. Aloe Blacc's Single, I need a Dollar, is simple, soulful and heart felt. His voice and words delve into the recesses in the mind of every person trying to make it in this country. Whether you're in College, Job hunting, Standing on a corner or waiting for your unemployment check. Pay attention to Aloe Blacc He's been around since the mid 90's and I think he's trying to send us a message!

I need a dollar - Aloe Blacc [click to download]

Apr 7, 2010


Punks Jump Up is a DJ Duo hailing from the UK. They've just hopped off tour and produced a 40 minute mix that they want to make available to blog readers. The mix is a steady stream of pumping dance and disco tracks appropriate for any party. Take the time to download, you'll love it.

March Mix - Punks Jump Up[click to download]

Apr 6, 2010


Do you feel that NYC? The warm weather we were anxiously waiting for is finally here. Let's hope it doesn't disappear for the 2 months between now and official summer. The season for cut off shorts, v-necks, and vans is here. I have some perfect tracks to get it started.
Something Good Can Work(The Twelves Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club[click to download]
Blue Skies (The Twelves Remix) - Noah and The Whale[click to download]

Mar 25, 2010


AquaForce Released a video for the single "Wolves" last weekend. It's a hard track with a terrorizing beat and malicious verses. Watch the video below.
Type AquaForce in the search bar if you want to download the single from previous posts.

Mar 24, 2010


This saturday, March 27th, Digit Dealer will be performing at the D.I.Y Brooklyn Music Festival. It's taking place at the Party Expo, 929 Broadway, Brooklyn New York. It's also Arv's (the bassist and my oldest friend) Birthday that same day. So attend their performance and bring him booze. There's a BBQ earlier in the day for you vultures.

4 p.m. BBQ
5 p.m. Sleepies
6 p.m. DogStarMan
7 p.m. Ghastly City Sleep
8 p.m. Bermuda Bonnie
8:30 p.m. Digit Dealer

Facebook Event [click here]

French Letter - Digit Dealer [click to download]
Grand Theft Fuck You - Digit Dealer[click to download]

Mar 22, 2010


Sometimes, late at night, I get bored and begin to scour Youtube for videos of my favorite bands. Last night I came across the video for Flourescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys. It's a trippy video; malicious clowns in some heated battle with mobsters or undercover agents of some sort. The video is cool, regardless.

Mar 16, 2010


Two new unreleased tracks from 1980 Recordings available for download and purchase.

Mar 15, 2010


I'm totally enthralled by the new tracks from MGMT's new album Congratulations.

Flash Delirium - MGMT
Congratulations - MGMT

Mar 11, 2010


Pacha recordings has given me a new mix by Inusa Dawuda and DJ Chick to share. Techno fans, listen and download if you're loving it. It's available for purchase on Beatport as well.


I've got a free listen/download for you readers from Chris Nasty. Enjoy
Support the Artist and purchase as well on Beatport.

[FREE DOWNLOAD] CHRIS NASTY - DEDICATED TO THE PEOPLE (Maurizio Gubellini & Peruz Remix)  by  danmckie1980_FDDdjs
Purchase Here


Ivory is a quick spitting rapper out of the UK and he's set to release his album Jack In The Box on Rat Records very soon. Ivory's style is quick and hard hitting; strategically placed over bouncing bass and ripping synths. He's like the UK's Spank Rock. Ready and willing to mesh Rap with todays Electro music; a mash-up he superbly uses to his advantage.

Deek and Ivory Promo Mix Volume 1[click to download]
No Cure - Ivory[click to download]

Feb 27, 2010


Rennie Pilgrem the dance music producer is coming back with a new trend in music which is titled Nu Funk. His track makes me want to jump into my b-boy stance and throw down some moves! Yeah it's that funky and I can't break dance. Pilgrem is has also released his EP, Street legal (Available on Beatport). I also have a free sample track to share with you guys. Enjoy!

F Express - Rennie Pilgrem[click to download]

Feb 25, 2010

Vote for TOTALLY4TEENS on Adult Swim

Apparently Derrick Beckles of Streetcarnage.com has a TV show called TOTALLY4TEENS that could possibly be picked up by adult swim. It's up against some other cartoon. I'm providing the link to watch the clips and vote.

link: VOTE

Feb 24, 2010


A mellow song worth downloading.

Odessa - Caribou

Feb 23, 2010


Want to see some pussy popping during electro parties? Then you need to play some tracks from Giant Pussy label owner Tim Healey (That's right Giant Pussy Records, Don't laugh). They are releasing their Ghetto tech anthem, Ghetto Electro by DJ Godfather Feat DJ Omega. They have also released a video for the track that features clips showcasing a whole slew of sloppy, ghetto chicks popping the asses and their pussies in the club; it's almost disgusting. The song does resonate the typical churning synths and rhythmic thumping base, It's the video that makes it seem something special.
I also have a 40 minute Mix by Tim Healey for readers to download. It's actually really good. Download and listen.

Feb Mini Mix - Tim Healey[click to download]

Feb 22, 2010

The Opposite of Adults

I'm digging this video. The giant heads keep me entertained and "Proto" needs fucking braces. Their name is just fun to say as well.
Chiddy Bang - The Opposite of Adults

Feb 19, 2010


Sharam is a Grammy Award winner and House Music Producer. He also just won the Award for "Essential Mix of The Year" on BBC Radio 1. Spread the Noise has shared two new tracks of his, as well as the promo for his new video which documents The Burning Man Party and will be released soon. I've also made a link available to purchase his music on Beatport, if you want more of his stuff.

Yokstek: 1980 Recordings

I have a few exclusive tracks from House Producer, Yostek's upcoming EP 1980 Recordings. You can preview them on Soundcloud and purchase the EP on BeatPort. I'll provide the links below. (Thanks It's A Promo Thing)

Show Me Love (Phil England Acid Reign Bootleg) - Yostek

Purchase Here:

Feb 17, 2010

Hey! Today's Hott Dance Track

You know you're going to get some crazy beats and bass when Laidback Luke and Diplo get together. And it's a "Slap in the bass Rework." What!?
It's official because there are Facebook comments like this: "i wanna dub on daniella to this jam!!!"

Hey! (Slap in the Bass Rework) - Laidback Luke & Diplo

Feb 15, 2010

This Won't Last A Second Longer Than It Has

Joy and tranquility in my headphones. The Morning Benders' Promises generates a soothing aura that has kept me glued to the same song for the past 20-30 minutes (I still have hopes of the song not getting old). The Morning Benders is an Indie band from Berkeley, California; Which explains their evident california vibe. Their forthcoming album BIG ECHO will be released March 9, 2010. Look out for it.

Promises - The Morning Benders

Feb 8, 2010

I know you like my style; But damn can I live!?

I've been reluctant to take notice to mainstream music as of lately because of the sheer bullshit that is being marketed. But in terms of bullshit, I've been hearing a lot about an "artist" who goes by Ke$ha (yeah she's so cool, her name includes a dollar sign instead of an "S"). I'm not going to deny her single Tik Tok is catchy and there are a few good remixes. But I can't help but discern the fact that she is a total rip off of Uffie. Uffie is an, Electro-Rapper (if that's the correct title) signed to Ed Banger, who obviously has not gotten the commercial recognition she deserves by choice or just the industries unwillingness (she did have a child by the way, so that is an underlying reason). I understand good things come in pairs, but fuck; shouldn't the better of the two get the glory first? Wouldn't it be great if the music industry was impartial? Regardless, I've posted each of their respected songs. Make your judgement.

Hott Chick - Uffie
Tik Tok (Skeet Skeet Remix) - Ke$ha

Feb 4, 2010

Kidda Nigga

Kidda is an Electro producer from the UK and he released his album on february 1st. Skint Records and Spread The Noise has delivered some of his funky dance tracks readers can add to their iTunes. I don't want to be quick to judge, but I can picture some good times on the dance floor while listening to his music.

Everything Bad is Good For You (TLGB Remix) - Kidda
Strong Together (Heavy Feet Remix) - Kidda

Album Tracklisting:
Under The Sun (Herve's Ain't No Sunshine Mix)
Feel To Good (Jack Beats Remix)
Strong Together (Heavy Feet Remix)
Smile (Detboi Luvs Me Mix)
Doo Whot (Jaymo & Andy George Moda Mix)
Hey Y'All (Kidda Remix)***
Everything Bad Is Good For You (TLGB Remix)***
Doo Whot (Parker Remix)
V.I.P (Beathoven Remix)
Feel Too Good (Blackgrass Remix)
Smile Sunday (Kidda edit)
Under The Sun (Brighton Beach Boys Remix)

Kidda has also been producing music videos for over a decade. Here's his latest music video for Midfield General; it has been shown at 28 cinemas around the UK for the British Animation Awards.


Feb 3, 2010


Apparently I've had a soft spot for fairly old tracks lately. Sometimes I download songs without ever giving them a listen and usually I let my iTunes run on shuffle. Today this song Yo! by Donovan came on. My eyes lit up and I realized that I had this old electro song. It's really pumping; Bass, strings and synths; the works. I'm making it available, download it.

Yo ! - Donovan

Feb 2, 2010

Some Al Green

Have any of you seen The Book of Eli lately?  Well, in the second scene, an awesome Al Green song is utilized and has inspired this post.

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart - AL Green

Feb 1, 2010

Breaks, Booze, and Hiatus?

For some strange reason, the conclusion of the 09 fall semester spurred a sudden dismissal of responsibility (including updating this blog) and commencement of some serious boozing. That's pretty much the theme of all my breaks from school. But now that's over and done with. It's time to keep this blog updated, I apologize. I've been constantly playing a song from a several years back by Arctic Monkeys (yeah, I get stuck in time traps) for the past week and a half. The song is titled, I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor. It's an awesome fast pace song for some serious head bobbing and thrashing. It can also be part of a great mash-up; just a message to the talented.

Jan 5, 2010

Chamber Music

Sometimes words aren't enough. WU TANG....

Sound The Horns (Featuring Inspectah Deck Sadat X & U-God - Wu Tang
NYC Crack (Featuring RZA) - Wu Tang

Jan 4, 2010

Where's my damn Jetpack!?

Scottish accents are fucking cool. You'll get your ear full with We Were Promised Jetpacks, the indie band from Glaslow, Scotland. Their resonance is comparable to some main stream bands like, Kings of Leon or The Fray (The Fray? haha I'm kidding). I listened to their single, It's Thunder and It's Lightning, and I was blown away. They have a strategic use of scaling guitar and drums; they add an adhering intensity to the lead singer, Adam Thompson's vocals. The rest of the band is comprised of, Michael Palmer (Guitar), Sean Smith (Bass) and Darren Lackie (Drums) and they released their debut album, These Four Walls, on June 15, 2009. I haven't Listened to the rest of the album as of yet, but by the sound of this single, they're a band to pay regard. But that's just me. Let me know what you think.

It's Thunder and It's Lightning - We Were Promised Jetpacks

Jan 3, 2010

Harry Potter and an order of Phoenix

Yeah they aren't the greatest band to jump around and bash your head into something at parties, but they are still a fun band to listen to. But these Frenchmen are really good. They have that Rock n roll/pop sound I love where they mix strings and percussion along with a drum machine and a synthesizer what better combination of sounds then that?

They played there single 1901 on David Letterman.
And I found some pretty cool remixes also, even though their music doesn't need a remix to be good The some originals are better.

They where here, somewhere, in the city last month and I am pretty disappointed that I missed them

Phoenix Vs. The Cure Mashup
Phoenix Gets Cured
Countdown (Sick for The Big Sun) - Phoenix
Lisztomania (Star Guitar Remix) - Phoenix
My Favorite
Girlfriend - Phoenix
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