Dec 29, 2009

Electric Tickle Machine

Electric Tickle Machine is a band hailing from New York. They catergorize themselves as Psychedelic/Garage/Pop. I realize their name is a bit eccentric, but I like their sound and they're worth listening to. I don't have much to say in this post. This is a music blog, just listen to the fucking MUSIC.

Blew it Again - Electric Tickle Machine
Part of Me - Electric Tickle Machine
Gimme Money - Electric Tickle Machine

Dec 27, 2009

Sunday proceeding 4 nights of boozing

I woke up this morning, NO HANGOVER, what a relief. The past four nights has been filled with random get togethers, drinking and regrets. I need some fucking soothing music after all that. Beirut is perfect. Their music provides a variety of instruments along with the eclectic voice of the lead singer, Zach Condon. I just  think this band is cool enough to share, even though I know some of my friends have already heard of them. Their music won't be for everyone, but listen with an open mind and leave comments.

Carousels - Beirut
Postcards From Italy - Beirut
Nantes - Beirut

Dec 22, 2009

Bass Debauchery

You know the anxiety you feel during the first 50 seconds of an Electro beat, leading to the initial bass pounding drop? Everyone goes nuts after that, ready to pump fists and tear up the dance floor. Gtronic, a Belgium DJ/Producer, released his Iron Man EP on December 17th (it's Available on Beatport) and Spread The Noise has sent me some samples to share with readers. Gtronic doesn't disappoint, delivering thumpers for the dance floor. The dark, twisting tones allow you to imagine the sweaty debauchery that would be happening in any party. I've posted Downloadable tracks from Gtronic along with some remixes. Let me know what you think. Download and Enjoy.

Destroyer - Gtronic
Iron Man - Gtronic
Iron Man (Hostage's Iron Curtain Remix) - Gtronic
Iron Man (StereoHeroes Remix) - Gtronic


Dec 21, 2009

Not High Enough

It's been over a week without a post on this site. Well, in my defense, last week was all about college finals. I was studying hard and trying to pass my classes, you know how it is. But now that I am back in action, I have several posts to make in order to make up for lost time. Spread The Noise has sent me  several tracks to post. The first of which, is an amazing remix of an old school song. Mikey Mic, who is obviously a man to be reckoned with, did a remix of Ain't no Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye & Tammy Tarrell. The chorus is chopped up and placed over a stunning bass pounding, electro beat. Thanks Mikey Mic and Spread The Noise.

Ain't no Mountain High Enough (Mikey Mic Remix) - Marvin Gaye & Tammy Tarrell


Dec 14, 2009

Talented sax blowing

I missed last week; a lot going on for me right now, but thats not important...

Jerks and Jerkets, where in the world has Uffie been? Well, until yesterday I wasn't really paying attention and didnt know either, but thankfully she hasnt fallen off. Shes out here kicking everyone's ass just the way she used to.

No real words from Ed Banger, And apperently shes not with Feads anymore, and she also justhad a kid in October. For more keep eyes and mouse out of porn sites and glued to TMJ for more info and updates on releases from Uffie. JERKS!!

Unfortunately all I could find of this song was a radio edit from France I believe

Dec 11, 2009


Remember AquaForce, The Hip-Hop group from New Orleans? (If you don't, check previous posts for their other singles). They're releasing their Mixtape, Burgundy, this weekend. I've listened to their new single titled, Wolves and it is a well put together, piece of work. Who am I kidding? That shit is hott. The beat has a heaving intro with a well incorporated sample of a females voice. Mid-track there's also a hilarious sample from a cartoon shown on Adult Swim. These dudes are seriously "Wolves" and they know it. I've posted a link to download their single, Wolves. Download, Listen, and Enjoy. Leave comments and let me know what you think.

Wolves - AquaForce [click to Download]

Dec 6, 2009

Some Songs To Dance To

I'm Sitting in the QC Library, utilizing my study break to post some remixes that I've recently downloaded. The Steve Aoki remix of Drake's, Forever, is the one to listen to first. Steve Aoki never disappoints, that remix is crack. There's also a great remix of Marvin Gaye's, Heard it Through the Grape Vine. Download and Enjoy.

Forever (Steve Aoki Remix) - Drake
Heard it Through the Grape Vine (Xaphoon Jones Remix) - Marvin Gaye
Little Secrets (Hey Champ Remix) - Passion Pit

Dec 4, 2009

Black Noise

More heat from the UK. Spread The Noise sent some remixes to me from the Producers Black Noise. If you love Electro/Disco these songs are for you. These remixes are packed with beats to make you move at your next party and what a perfect night to post them, it's Friday. I have the files to share, just click the links below.

Anyway (BlackNoise DIscoRemix) - Duck Sauce
Knock You Out (Kik The Break VIP) - Black Noise
Anyway (BlackNoise BasslineRemix) - Duck Sauce
Jack Track (BlackNoise VIp Remix) - Tonka


Dec 2, 2009

Bitches Ain't Shit

Ever wonder what Dr. Dre's "Bitches Ain't Shit" would sound like as a ballad? Well Singer/Song-writer Ben Folds satirically covers Dr. Dre's classic. Give it a listen. You may like it, you may laugh or for some strange reason, break down and cry.

Bitches Ain't Shit (by Dr. Dre) - Ben Folds (Cover) {Click To download}
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