Nov 29, 2009

LAZRtag oooh gosh SEEEX!!!

LAZRfuckingtag everyone!

lazrtag Pictures, Images and Photos

Ladies and Gents what is wrong with these dudes, its like everything they remix is fucking gold, What is this? Luvtek and Addison, the two boys from LA each have on their own have a killer ass discography but, when they come together and play its really something else. Giving Electro a whole different flavor. Their shit, makes listening to Crystal Castles sound less like your playing a game boy. You can definitely hear their influences from the Dirty House sound that Justice produces and even Dafts style (Detonate). They are definitely no Justice or Daft Punk but they are sure as fucking shit right up there with them.

Ladies and Gents If you haven't heard them yet, I strongly advise you to look up all you can about LAZRtag because once they really hit mainstream, and they will soon, the music world is in for a make over

Here be the first on your block who knew about them before they have a video on MTGAY
Paper Planes (LAZRtag Remix) - M.I.A

Work Is Play - LAZRtag

Smooth Criminial (LAZRtag Remix) - Michael Jackson

My favorite
Shut up and Let me Go (LAZRtag Remix) - The Ting Tings

Nov 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Sliver

I think this song is appropriate for today.
-Happy Thanksgiving.

Sliver - Nirvana

Nov 23, 2009

The Heavy

The Heavy is an Indie Rock band from the UK. They caught my attention with their mixture of soul and rock. Give them a listen, I've posted some songs below to download. There's also a remix by Ghost that's pretty bumpin'. Enjoy.

Short Change Hero - The Heavy
How You Like Me Now - The Heavy
How You Like Me Now (Ghost Remix) - The Heavy

Nov 22, 2009


Earthlings, hello my name is doesn't mater, but I would like to be called Mars, Thanks. I'm a good friend of Harvey, and he signed me on to the TMJ blog because of our passion for the same thing, good music, parties, beer, and beaches (...beaches, because "bitch's" sounds awkward reading it). Anyway Harv put me and gave me my own spot to write my own column to help share with everyone GOOD music.

I listen and play and will share with you GOOD music, playing the latest, coolest, hypest, music. Electro-house, dance, rock, hip-hop, even pop (trust me), so many different styles but my promise to you they are going to get you to get up and Dance, or jump around until you hit something and brake it.

I'm also going to help Harv in promoting the shit out of this bitch, absolutely everywhere and anyway possible. To start getting some traffic come our way We are also going to start streaming music so its easier for you to play them, and so you wont have to go somewhere else to hear it.

All the music is music I like and is going to come from all over like, my ipodzunesandisckcdplayertapedeck, youtube, radio, tv, humming bird. Where ever, and what ever the DJ's are playing getting everyone to jump around.

So I'm going to be posting every weekend, Saturday or Sunday night, about not only the latest but sometimes old news that you may have not known before about bands, groups, and DJ's. Be sure to comment let us know what you think, let us also know who you want us to feature if we haven't yet.

Anyway I thought I would share with you fellow (bigger name... for now lol) fighters in the mission to share good music and there journey to cure HAAA.

Some of you may have seen this video of Chromeo and Playboy's collaboration fighting for a HAAA cure.

"Learn how to protect your self and others from bad taste in music." Follow Tangent Miss Jump and help us beat HAAA!!!

Thanks Chromeo and Playboy and Harvey

Nov 19, 2009

The Generationals

Their music is resonant of their name. The Generationals are one band that impeccably manifests and borrows, influences from various generations of music ranging from the 50s to present. When I initially heard their song titled, When they fight, they fight, I actually thought It wasn't from this era. But, contrarily, The Generationals formed in 2008. This band's eclectic style is one to pay regard. I've got some sample tracks, Download and listen below.

When They Fight, They Fight - The Generationals
Angry Charlie - The Generationals

Red Wire Black Wire

This band from New York possesses a unique way of story telling, which is complemented by their electro-rock instrumentals. I had to listen to their songs a couple times before I realized, these guys are really worth sharing. Download, Listen and tell me what you think.

Locked out - Red Wire Black Wire
Breathing Fire - Red Wire Black Wire

Nov 16, 2009

Pink A Pads

Pink A Pads is an Electro-House duo from Italy. Spread The noise has allowed me to hear a few of their songs and also to make them available to readers. Let me know your honest opinion about this group and their tracks.


Their music is also available for sale at Beat Port:

Nov 13, 2009

Boemklatsch Records : Mike Mago

Boemklatsch Records is a Holland based Electro Music Label, born from epic parties thrown in the country. They have a steady line up of artists on the label, which include, Dem Slackers, GTronic, Larry Tee, Malente, Jaimie Fanatic, Hostage, Stereoheroes, Mightyfools and Tommie Sunshine. You can expect epic releases from all of them in the upcoming year. My friends at Spread The Noise have allowed me to listen to some tracks from their signee, Mike Mago's, latest EP (out November 19th). The beats are bumpin'. There are also remixes from the likes of, Melente, Dan OH!, and Gomes & Dion. Take the time to listen to this shit, you may dance out of your seat. I've posted the tracks below.

Hey! (original)- Mike Mago
Hey! (GomeDion Remix) - Mike Mago
Wooh! (Original) - Mika Mago
Wooh! (Melente Remix) - Mike Mago
Wooh! (DanOH! Remix) - Mike Mago


1. 5th symphony vs 3 is a crowd - Take it back (Mike Mago simple party mix)
2. Mike Mago - Wooh!
3. Mike Mago - Wooh! (Malente remix)
4. Boemklatsch - Reflex (Jaimie Fanatic Legacy Kidz Club)
5. Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok
6. Paul Simon vs Lee Mortimer - Call Me Where The Party At (Mike Mago simple party mix)
7. Freeland - Only a Fool (Can Die) (ft Gerald V. Casale & Devo) (AC Slater dub)
8. Rockid ft Lady B - Badmen (Mike Mago remix)
9. Blake - What I like (Knuckles remix)
10. Lenny Kravits vs Moston & Malente – Are You Gonna Do The Right Thing (Mike Mago simple party mix)
11. Ebokai - Tonight She's Dancing
12. Alex Gopher - Handguns (Dadalife remix)
13. Dino - I Din't Mean To Turn You On (Purple Lips dub)
14. Dirty Monkeez - Crusherz
15. Queen Africa vs Proper Villains - Sensimillia Is A Trick Baby (Mike Mago simple party mix)
16. Mike Mago - Hey!
17. Gtronic - Ironman (Hostage remix)
18. Riptide - Fk Me
19. Lykke Li vs Dirty Disco Youth- Dance Rules The Nation (Mike Mago simple party mix)
20. Doe maar vs Jean Elan - Doe Maar Light Out (Mike Mago simple party mix)
21. Mike Mago - I Don't Give A
22. Mightyfools - Clean It
23. Little Richard - You Make Me Wanna Party (Mike Mago simple party mix)


Nov 11, 2009

Crash Overdrive

Crash Overdrive is a U.S. Electro Producer that was introduced to me by Spread The Noise. He's Releasing his new EP, Retake The Streets, which is available on iTunes. I was able to listen to an EP teaser and also a sample of a Remix he did for Kaskade. They're both very good, consisting of the typical Electro sound you would expect today; Packed with rhythmic pulsations and rattling bass. I have the Teaser and the Sample Remix available to download below, along with a link to purchase the EP from iTunes. Download and listen.
Steppin' Out (Crash Overdrive Remix) - Kaskade
Retake The Streets EP Teaser - Crash Overdrive


Nov 10, 2009


I'm In dire need of posting a track from Micheal Jackson again. I've been hooked to this old-school song, I Can't Help It. But, this is the TangoTerje Re-Edit. It's significantly longer than the original. I can't get it out of my head. Download and listen.

Nov 9, 2009

Digit Dealer

Digit Dealer. The Dance Rock duo, Austin Robey and Arvind Dilawar, are releasing their album this friday. It is Titled, French Letter. The album is in a league of its own, mixing Guitar and bass strings with, synths and keyboards. The combination makes it almost impossible not to move as the enticing sound hits the ears. The intense rants delivered by Austin and other guests such as, Aileen Olmedo, allow the album to be a fun, lyrical, listen as well. They're having a album release party this friday at, The Glass Door, 98 Moore st Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY(use for directions). There will be several live performances from Digit Dealer, along with other acts. I've posted a couple tracks below along with a link for the release party details. Download and listen.

Nov 6, 2009

Mikey Mic!

Mikey Mic has fire! Not literally, but figuratively. I heard this remix of Pharoahe Monche's "Simon Says" and It's bangin'.  It has an awesome transition from the Original to the bass thumping remix. I love it. Thanks to Spread The Noise I have the tracks for readers to download. The first is a Rock edit and the second is the regular remix. Download and enjoy.

Pharoahe Monche - Simon Says (Mikey Mic Remix Rock Edit)
Pharoahe Monche - Simon Says (Mikey Mic Remix)


Nov 5, 2009


Holy shit. What a surprise. I'm posting Hip-Hop? There's a reason it has taken this long. I've been patiently waiting for Artists and songs worthy enough to post. That void has finally been filled by an upcoming group; AQUAFORCE. You're probably wondering who they are, you've never heard of them. Well, AQUAFORCE is hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana and they're obviously ready to take Hip-Hop back. The group is comprised of, Future, Malachi, CHRLS XVR and DS@STR. Their sound is a blend of Jazz, old school Hip-Hop and a bit of Soul; Reminiscent of the sound brought to us in the early 90s by groups like, 'A Tribe Called Quest', 'Leaders of the New School' and 'Lost Boys'. I'm excited to finally hear some music by people who understand the meaning of Hip-Hop and where it should be. They're sure to gain a large following if they stay true and continue to serve music what it needs. Download and listen.


Nov 4, 2009

Break Down

I've gained possession of an exclusive Remix from 'Breakdown'; DJ/Producers based in LA. They have a Funky style to their remixes. I felt an 80s, Soul, Dance vibe when I listened to the track. They're currently collaborating with the likes of, The SoundsDeadmau5, and Will Bailey, along with many others. Thanks to Spread The Noise I have a sample for readers to download.

New Beat (Breakdown Remix) - Bounce camp


Nov 3, 2009

Phrazes For the Young

Julian Casablancas, of 'The Strokes', solo album, Phrazes for the Young, was released today. I've listened to a couple of tracks from the album and quite frankly, It's not what I expected. I wanted to hear the typical Strokes, type vibe. But, I was disappointed. Casablancas is singing over Synthesizers and Keyboards, what a let down. The songs sound more like The Klaxons if anything else. He also Performed on the tonight show last week, which you can find on, but don't base any judgment from it though. What was the point of a solo album? The music from The Strokes seems to be much better. I'll listen to his whole album anyway because I love The Strokes, but this won't be one of my favorites.

(I had to take the tracks down, Sorry)

Nov 2, 2009

Royal Bangs

Royal Bangs is an indie Rock band hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee. They released their debut LP, We Breed Champions, last fall. But this band obviously doesn't waste any time, they have released their follow up album, Let It Beep, back in September of this year. Royal Bangs has an exhilarating garage band sound, meekly blended with the competency of Indie music. I've listen to Let It Beep and honestly it's an awesome album. I'll probably be listening to it on loop for the next week or so. 

Poison Control - Royal Bangs
War Bells - Royal Bangs

Boy & Bear

Last night, I was doing some late night, music downloads and I came across a band with an awesome sound; Boy & Bear. They're a band from Sydney, Australia and their single is titled 'Mexican Mavis'. Boy & Bear is comprised of, Dave Hosking (lead vocals/guitars), Killian Gavin (vocals/guitars), Tim Hart (drums/vocals/guitars), Jake Tarasenko (bass). These four dudes have shit going for them if the rest of their songs sound this way. Download their single below.

Mexican Mavis - Boy and Bear

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