Jun 13, 2010


You can tell my summer premiered with a bang. I haven't made a post on this god damned blog for weeks! But hey, I'm here and I got one for you. A couple nights ago I experienced some wizardly pellet which gave me and my friends the sudden urge to lurk the streets. We talked about life, happiness, and watched the sun come up. How fucking emo is that? I still enjoyed it though, so fuck off. In last few hours I've come across a song that could of easily been our soundtrack for that night/morning. We should of hired some drunken morning mess to stumble behind us holding an iPod boombox (Example). But anyway, the song is Fred Falke's 909pm At The Beach. It a very slow tempo, feel good, instrumental. It begins with the sounds of crashing waves, it then merges with the keyboard, suddenly the bass and a guitar rears its head. It's an awesome smooth sound to have on your playlist. Download and enjoy.

909pm At The Beach - Fred Falke

May 18, 2010

F*** Off

When Asher Roth first appeared on the scene, I enjoyed "I love college," But I was skeptical. I wondered if it was just another industry gimmick or if it was the emergence of a real MC. I'll be honest, my initial investigation consisted of watching one freestyle on youtube. But just recently I heard a new song by Asher and B.O.B titled, Fuck The Money. In it, both Asher and B.O.B are articulating pure realness and their true plans for the industry. Then I came across the video for Asher's song, Muddy Swim Trunks; I thought it was independent,creative genius, all done in one take. I also took notice to Asher's captivating flow and steady, controlled use of diction; it's great.

Rap and Hip-hop have gone to shit. It has become less about content and talent; it has transformed into a race of who can produce the most bullshit until they become famous. Once that occurs, you begin the repetitive emphatic of one's "soul being sold". It's some really sick shit and forced me to turn my back on all that is commercial Hip-hop. So I just want to say, Fuck you Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne, Drake, Ludacris, Gucci Mane, 50 Cent, Kanye West, OH and Fuuuuuckkk Youuuuu Soulja Boy. That 'Fuck You' also stretches to whoever else falls in their category and considering the fact that I don't listen to the radio or watch television, my list is limited (I don't trust the fuckers who appear on those mediums).

Thank you to those who have yet to sell out and are attempting to save Hip-Hop music, AquaForce, Asher Roth, Blue Scholars, Binary Star, Nas( I don't think he'll ever sell out), Kid Cudi, The Cool Kids, Consequence and many others.

B.o.B + Asher Roth - Fuck The Money[click to download]
Binary Star - Reality Check[click to download]

Asher Roth - Muddy Swim Trunks (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

May 5, 2010


Sometimes I just like listening to this old mix by Justice titled Mix Fabric. It's a culmination dance and disco tracks; a very good 45 mins.

Mix Fabric - Justice [click to download]

Apr 29, 2010


BOY CRISIS is a brooklyn based group comprised of five members, Tal Rozen, Alex Kestner, Victor Vazquez, Lee Pender, and Owen Roberts. You may recognize the lead singer Victor Vazquez from Das Racist. They don't seem to be an instrumental band, but a team of producers; it's a bit ambiguous. Their myspace bio reads, BOY CRISIS is limited liability corporation that produces "highly license-able" proto-post popular music for lovemaking, dancing, shopping, aiding cinematic narrative and other means of consumption. They are confused about their roles in their own lives and the lives of others but ultimately wish only to love and be loved.
But regardless I'm digging their music and looking to obtain their LP in its entirety. "I'm on some drugs you're on some drugs, do you want to talk to me?"

Dressed To Digress - BOY CRISIS
L'homme - BOY CRISIS

Apr 26, 2010


Did you know that you can get arrested for cursing in the streets of the U.K? Ridiculous right? What is this world coming to if humans can't express themselves without being harassed? Eh, enough about my qualms with the world. M.I.A's new single 'Born Free' is a proclamation essentially about her freedom to do whatever the fuck she wants! You don't need a bio for M.I.A. Most people, who have poked their head out of the sand for a moment, know who she is. She's the eccentric, artistic, music genius? from the U.K. This new song 'Born Free' doesn't disappoint with hard percussion, bass and some synth along with M.I.A voice altered verses. She's got something to say.

Born Free - M.I.A[click to download]
http://www.miauk.com/ [watch the video here]

Apr 21, 2010


I'm just sharing a joint from The Roots that was released several months back. It's pretty dope and I still love it.
How I Got Over - The Roots

Apr 13, 2010


Comedic rap? No. Just two guys based in Brooklyn rapping about random shit over cool beats. Himanshu Suri and Victor Vazquez, along with their hype-man Ashok Kondabolu are just entirely entertaining, even though they don't have any substantial lyrical content. Music fiends may remember their song, Combination Pizza hut and Taco Bell from a while back, but now they've released their independent album Shut up, dude. You may love it, like it, or hate it; at least judge it.

Nutmeg - Das Racist[click to download]
You Oughta Know - Das Racist[click to download]
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