Feb 23, 2010


Want to see some pussy popping during electro parties? Then you need to play some tracks from Giant Pussy label owner Tim Healey (That's right Giant Pussy Records, Don't laugh). They are releasing their Ghetto tech anthem, Ghetto Electro by DJ Godfather Feat DJ Omega. They have also released a video for the track that features clips showcasing a whole slew of sloppy, ghetto chicks popping the asses and their pussies in the club; it's almost disgusting. The song does resonate the typical churning synths and rhythmic thumping base, It's the video that makes it seem something special.
I also have a 40 minute Mix by Tim Healey for readers to download. It's actually really good. Download and listen.

Feb Mini Mix - Tim Healey[click to download]


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