Feb 8, 2010

I know you like my style; But damn can I live!?

I've been reluctant to take notice to mainstream music as of lately because of the sheer bullshit that is being marketed. But in terms of bullshit, I've been hearing a lot about an "artist" who goes by Ke$ha (yeah she's so cool, her name includes a dollar sign instead of an "S"). I'm not going to deny her single Tik Tok is catchy and there are a few good remixes. But I can't help but discern the fact that she is a total rip off of Uffie. Uffie is an, Electro-Rapper (if that's the correct title) signed to Ed Banger, who obviously has not gotten the commercial recognition she deserves by choice or just the industries unwillingness (she did have a child by the way, so that is an underlying reason). I understand good things come in pairs, but fuck; shouldn't the better of the two get the glory first? Wouldn't it be great if the music industry was impartial? Regardless, I've posted each of their respected songs. Make your judgement.

Hott Chick - Uffie
Tik Tok (Skeet Skeet Remix) - Ke$ha


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