Apr 29, 2010


BOY CRISIS is a brooklyn based group comprised of five members, Tal Rozen, Alex Kestner, Victor Vazquez, Lee Pender, and Owen Roberts. You may recognize the lead singer Victor Vazquez from Das Racist. They don't seem to be an instrumental band, but a team of producers; it's a bit ambiguous. Their myspace bio reads, BOY CRISIS is limited liability corporation that produces "highly license-able" proto-post popular music for lovemaking, dancing, shopping, aiding cinematic narrative and other means of consumption. They are confused about their roles in their own lives and the lives of others but ultimately wish only to love and be loved.
But regardless I'm digging their music and looking to obtain their LP in its entirety. "I'm on some drugs you're on some drugs, do you want to talk to me?"

Dressed To Digress - BOY CRISIS
L'homme - BOY CRISIS


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