Aug 25, 2009

Hurricane Jane

The Twelves have done it again. They have successfully transformed another tune by The Black Kids into something for the party-goers. The first time around it was the song , "Im not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you". But I'm astounded by their new Remix for a song titled "Hurricane Jane". The Twelves created a smooth beat for the dance floors. The lyrics and the vocals of lead singer, Reggie Youngblood, eloquently complement the feel of The Twelves interpretation of the song. Have a listen, download both songs below:

Aug 9, 2009

Fall Semester.

School starts in a few weeks and strange enough, I am anxious to begin the semester. This summer has been an eventful one, but I am ready to let it go. I want to release myself of the constant mis-use of my brain, the drinking and the occasional partake in recreational reefer. I've met a lot of people, some that may remain acquaintances and others that became friends. I've grown closer to people and discovered more about myself in the process. The only qualm I have after all this is, am I truly ready to embark the rest of my life? If I completely devote my energy towards my Accounting degree I could graduate in a year and a half. But like most others, Im still afraid of what the future may hold. Will I be good enough? Has college completely prepared me for my career choice? I bombard myself with these questions everyday. None-the-less, I am actually aiming towards this degree whole heartedly. I expect nothing but A's from the work I expel, I just hope I don't become my own worst enemy again.

Aug 6, 2009

Friendly Fires

So, unemployment has had me up late hours, entertained by none other than, my television. If you have stayed up late, around 4 am, you've realized that MTV is airing music videos again (surprise, surprise). During my early morning video watching, I came across this very interesting video and song by a band called, Friendly Fires. Friendly Fires is an English band comprised of three members, Ed Macfarlane, Jack Savidge and Edd Gibson. The song is titled "Kiss of life", which has a nice drum and bass feel to it and a nice keyboard undertone. It is also accompanied by the lead singer's, Ed Macfarlane, melodic voice. The video, is what truly drew me in. It takes place in a desert somewhere, but starts off with a close-up of Ed's face then cuts to multiple background drummers wearing mask's similar to those seen in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut". It also features the band members dancing, but Ed's corky, almost feminine, dance moves stand out the most. Friendly Fires is a fairly new band. They released their LP last fall, along with a couple other singles, but are re-releasing it this August 31st. I believe they are a band to look out for, they may stick around for a while.

Aug 5, 2009


Last night i was pleasantly surprised by this refreshing film starring, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. 500 Days of Summer is an indie, romantic-comedy about the relationship between, Tom (Levitt), a hopeless romantic, brainwashed by societies mirage of finding your "soulmate" or your "one true love". And Summer (Deschanel), a guarded woman, tarnished by her parents divorce. The fragmented style of the film delightfully guides the viewer through Tom and Summer's joyous occasions, trials and discords. The director, Marc Webb, skillfully captures and conveys the aura of Tom and Summer's relationship.
It's hard to write a full review about the movie without fucking up the experience of your first time watching it. Its an awesome movie, just go see it.

Aug 4, 2009


This is the month of The Bloody Beetroots. On August 25th, the italian electro/house DJ duo are releasing their first LP "Romborama" on Dimmak Records. Oh the excitment!(I have it already). For those who are familiar with their work, expect more of the goods on this LP. It will contain 21 tracks, including previously released singles, "Cornelius" and "Warp 1.9" feat. Steve Aoki. This album will also feature, The Cool Kids and Lisa Kekuala. For those unfamiliar with their music, The Bloody Beetroots blend menacing synths, with the heart pounding bass we all want at our dance parties. Watch their video for "Cornelius":

Aug 2, 2009

"Anarchy exists nowhere in nature."

For the past couple of weeks now, I have been reading "Generation of Vipers" by Philip Wylie, in fluctuation. The book is Wylie's grimace towards American society. There are 13 chapters in the sermon, all of which attack and criticize the hypocrisies of our America. According to Wylie, nothing is completely genuine or unbiased. Business, Government, Sexual mores, Motherhood and Religion are all tainted with our instinctual human emotion.
Though i have yet to complete the book, Wylie made a statement that struck a chord. "There is no liberty for a man under any discipline except that which is self-imposed. The imposition of disciplines by the state is called fascism, or tyranny, by common man; and he hates it. By the same token, any nation which subscribes to liberty and then attempts to maintain a majority who have no discipline of themselves, is destined soon to be without freedom. Anarchy exists nowhere in nature. An asceticism, which is to say, a discipline, is imposed upon every living object by its environment and its instincts."
As human beings we may be conducting a vicious circle. One that allows us to instinctively discipline ourselves, but once that discipline becomes arbitrary, the inevitable war and conflict occurs. Wylie speaks of a self-imposed discipline, but does he realize that discipline is the catalyst for state discipline. The state is motored by common man, the only difference is, the men at the helm are those who yearn for extensive power and control, thus imposing their ideals upon us.
It is a lot to think about. I will definitely finish this book and further comment on it.
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