Jan 3, 2010

Harry Potter and an order of Phoenix

Yeah they aren't the greatest band to jump around and bash your head into something at parties, but they are still a fun band to listen to. But these Frenchmen are really good. They have that Rock n roll/pop sound I love where they mix strings and percussion along with a drum machine and a synthesizer what better combination of sounds then that?

They played there single 1901 on David Letterman.
And I found some pretty cool remixes also, even though their music doesn't need a remix to be good The some originals are better.

They where here, somewhere, in the city last month and I am pretty disappointed that I missed them

Phoenix Vs. The Cure Mashup
Phoenix Gets Cured
Countdown (Sick for The Big Sun) - Phoenix
Lisztomania (Star Guitar Remix) - Phoenix
My Favorite
Girlfriend - Phoenix


Harvey said...

Omg Mars returns.

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