Sep 28, 2009

La Roux

I cant get enough of the remixes to La Roux's singles. La Roux is an Electro-pop duo from comprised of, singer, Elly Jackson and Producer/Composer, Ben Langmaid. Elly has an infectious voice, that when added to a remix by DatA or The Twelves, it just creates complete harmony.
La Roux-In for the kill (The Twelves Remix)
La Roux-Im not your toy (DatA Remix)

Sep 25, 2009

Work it Night By Night

Chromeo is back with a new single. Where are the Chromeo fans?

Sep 21, 2009


Justice, the Electro-House DJ duo hailing from France,will be performing live at Webster Hall in Manhattan on October 29. Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster; They're about $40 each. I shouldn't even have to explain who Justice is. Just hurry up and get your tickets! This show is going to be sick.

Sep 16, 2009

DJ Skitzo

My homie Dj Skitzo made this awesome mix that i want to share. Listen, Love it, Share it.
zSHARE - Slackerz-DJ Skitzo.mp3

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Sep 14, 2009

Stupid VMAs

The 2009 MTV VMAs, What a scripted joke. A drunken Kanye West storms the stage to refute the winner of "Best Female Video", only to apologize the next day. Who does that? I don't understand celebrities today, they're all taking the same drugs. The crazy bitch AKA Lady GaGa went through constant costume changes. First arriving in some black neck-brace get up. She looked as though she could pass out at any second. Then a performance which included her body being covered in fake blood. A blood red vale covering her head, with horns visibly protruding from the top of her head(HOW THE FUCK COULD SHE SEE?). And finally a birds nest/lion's mane on her face(Retarded). I expected more from the host Russell Brand, who has better displays of talent in the film, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and his several stand-up specials, which can be found on YOUTUBE. Katy Perry looked fucking sexy, as usual. Otherwise, I could really care less who won what award, as I have become disconnected from most of today's mainstream music. With all that said, Fuck MTV (show more videos) and Fuck the VMAS.

Sep 13, 2009

The Red Light Horror

Yesterday I had speakers plugged into my Macbook Pro so I could blast music. I plugged them out when I was done and closed my Macbook, thinking nothing of it. But this morning when I opened my Mac, there was a strange red glow coming from my headphone jack and I had no sound coming from my speakers. I almost panicked, but I quickly Googled the problem and found a solution. Apparently when high definition speakers are plugged into the jack, it causes some compensative reaction; which sometimes is not reversed when the speakers are plugged out. The solution is to find a toothpick, paperclip or hairpin, then delicately wiggle it around in the jack until the light turns off. I assure you, if this is done right, no damage will be caused. I have my sound back and headphones or speakers still work if plugged in.

Sep 11, 2009

Ghosts and Stuff

Yes, today is a rainy and gloomy Friday. One I have spent downloading new music. And appropriately so because regardless of the weather, one must still go out tonight to drink and dance. Here's several of my favorite tracks downloaded today. (click the song to download)

Sep 5, 2009

The New Friday Night?

There has been a turn for the better. "TMJ" has found a bar to host a local Queens party on friday nights, "DANCE LIFE FRIDAYS". FACE Bar is predominantly patronized by middle aged Asian men, who want to drink their pay-check away or young asian girls, that love karaoke. But as of recently, if you're not already in L.E.S or Brooklyn, this is a cool place to hang out. There are no REAL drink specials yet, but you can easily sneak 12oz or 22oz into the bar. It has a fairly, mediocre sized dance-floor, chairs and tables along the wall and also a nook that houses a couch, a table, and small table stools. If it gets too
hot inside, there is an outside area where you can discreetly smoke a cigarette. The house DJs are MIKA 5000 and HIRO. They'll be the ones bumping your favorite Electro, Reggae and Hip-hop tunes you want to dance to, along with some new shit you probably have not heard before. Get ready for some epic fridays, sorry, I mean, DANCE LIFE FRIDAYS.

Sep 1, 2009

Au Revoir

Goodbye Summer 2009, You have left us. The abundance of sun, beer, parties and convergence will cease. I will certainly miss you. You brought plenty of deaths, life, delight, amusement and hook-ups. You were underestimated, but somehow, lived up to your potential. No one should be uncertain of the fact. I will sit, reminisce and lounge to music that reminds me of the joy you brung.

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