Apr 29, 2010


BOY CRISIS is a brooklyn based group comprised of five members, Tal Rozen, Alex Kestner, Victor Vazquez, Lee Pender, and Owen Roberts. You may recognize the lead singer Victor Vazquez from Das Racist. They don't seem to be an instrumental band, but a team of producers; it's a bit ambiguous. Their myspace bio reads, BOY CRISIS is limited liability corporation that produces "highly license-able" proto-post popular music for lovemaking, dancing, shopping, aiding cinematic narrative and other means of consumption. They are confused about their roles in their own lives and the lives of others but ultimately wish only to love and be loved.
But regardless I'm digging their music and looking to obtain their LP in its entirety. "I'm on some drugs you're on some drugs, do you want to talk to me?"

Dressed To Digress - BOY CRISIS
L'homme - BOY CRISIS

Apr 26, 2010


Did you know that you can get arrested for cursing in the streets of the U.K? Ridiculous right? What is this world coming to if humans can't express themselves without being harassed? Eh, enough about my qualms with the world. M.I.A's new single 'Born Free' is a proclamation essentially about her freedom to do whatever the fuck she wants! You don't need a bio for M.I.A. Most people, who have poked their head out of the sand for a moment, know who she is. She's the eccentric, artistic, music genius? from the U.K. This new song 'Born Free' doesn't disappoint with hard percussion, bass and some synth along with M.I.A voice altered verses. She's got something to say.

Born Free - M.I.A[click to download]
http://www.miauk.com/ [watch the video here]

Apr 21, 2010


I'm just sharing a joint from The Roots that was released several months back. It's pretty dope and I still love it.
How I Got Over - The Roots

Apr 13, 2010


Comedic rap? No. Just two guys based in Brooklyn rapping about random shit over cool beats. Himanshu Suri and Victor Vazquez, along with their hype-man Ashok Kondabolu are just entirely entertaining, even though they don't have any substantial lyrical content. Music fiends may remember their song, Combination Pizza hut and Taco Bell from a while back, but now they've released their independent album Shut up, dude. You may love it, like it, or hate it; at least judge it.

Nutmeg - Das Racist[click to download]
You Oughta Know - Das Racist[click to download]

Apr 12, 2010


The unofficial poor man's anthem and also the opening song for HBO's new show 'How to make it in America'. Aloe Blacc's Single, I need a Dollar, is simple, soulful and heart felt. His voice and words delve into the recesses in the mind of every person trying to make it in this country. Whether you're in College, Job hunting, Standing on a corner or waiting for your unemployment check. Pay attention to Aloe Blacc He's been around since the mid 90's and I think he's trying to send us a message!

I need a dollar - Aloe Blacc [click to download]

Apr 7, 2010


Punks Jump Up is a DJ Duo hailing from the UK. They've just hopped off tour and produced a 40 minute mix that they want to make available to blog readers. The mix is a steady stream of pumping dance and disco tracks appropriate for any party. Take the time to download, you'll love it.

March Mix - Punks Jump Up[click to download]

Apr 6, 2010


Do you feel that NYC? The warm weather we were anxiously waiting for is finally here. Let's hope it doesn't disappear for the 2 months between now and official summer. The season for cut off shorts, v-necks, and vans is here. I have some perfect tracks to get it started.
Something Good Can Work(The Twelves Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club[click to download]
Blue Skies (The Twelves Remix) - Noah and The Whale[click to download]
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