Apr 26, 2010


Did you know that you can get arrested for cursing in the streets of the U.K? Ridiculous right? What is this world coming to if humans can't express themselves without being harassed? Eh, enough about my qualms with the world. M.I.A's new single 'Born Free' is a proclamation essentially about her freedom to do whatever the fuck she wants! You don't need a bio for M.I.A. Most people, who have poked their head out of the sand for a moment, know who she is. She's the eccentric, artistic, music genius? from the U.K. This new song 'Born Free' doesn't disappoint with hard percussion, bass and some synth along with M.I.A voice altered verses. She's got something to say.

Born Free - M.I.A[click to download]
http://www.miauk.com/ [watch the video here]


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