Nov 3, 2009

Phrazes For the Young

Julian Casablancas, of 'The Strokes', solo album, Phrazes for the Young, was released today. I've listened to a couple of tracks from the album and quite frankly, It's not what I expected. I wanted to hear the typical Strokes, type vibe. But, I was disappointed. Casablancas is singing over Synthesizers and Keyboards, what a let down. The songs sound more like The Klaxons if anything else. He also Performed on the tonight show last week, which you can find on, but don't base any judgment from it though. What was the point of a solo album? The music from The Strokes seems to be much better. I'll listen to his whole album anyway because I love The Strokes, but this won't be one of my favorites.

(I had to take the tracks down, Sorry)


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