Nov 5, 2009


Holy shit. What a surprise. I'm posting Hip-Hop? There's a reason it has taken this long. I've been patiently waiting for Artists and songs worthy enough to post. That void has finally been filled by an upcoming group; AQUAFORCE. You're probably wondering who they are, you've never heard of them. Well, AQUAFORCE is hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana and they're obviously ready to take Hip-Hop back. The group is comprised of, Future, Malachi, CHRLS XVR and DS@STR. Their sound is a blend of Jazz, old school Hip-Hop and a bit of Soul; Reminiscent of the sound brought to us in the early 90s by groups like, 'A Tribe Called Quest', 'Leaders of the New School' and 'Lost Boys'. I'm excited to finally hear some music by people who understand the meaning of Hip-Hop and where it should be. They're sure to gain a large following if they stay true and continue to serve music what it needs. Download and listen.



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