Nov 29, 2009

LAZRtag oooh gosh SEEEX!!!

LAZRfuckingtag everyone!

lazrtag Pictures, Images and Photos

Ladies and Gents what is wrong with these dudes, its like everything they remix is fucking gold, What is this? Luvtek and Addison, the two boys from LA each have on their own have a killer ass discography but, when they come together and play its really something else. Giving Electro a whole different flavor. Their shit, makes listening to Crystal Castles sound less like your playing a game boy. You can definitely hear their influences from the Dirty House sound that Justice produces and even Dafts style (Detonate). They are definitely no Justice or Daft Punk but they are sure as fucking shit right up there with them.

Ladies and Gents If you haven't heard them yet, I strongly advise you to look up all you can about LAZRtag because once they really hit mainstream, and they will soon, the music world is in for a make over

Here be the first on your block who knew about them before they have a video on MTGAY
Paper Planes (LAZRtag Remix) - M.I.A

Work Is Play - LAZRtag

Smooth Criminial (LAZRtag Remix) - Michael Jackson

My favorite
Shut up and Let me Go (LAZRtag Remix) - The Ting Tings


Anonymous said...

Really dude? I was thinking about LAZRtag a few days ago and I realized that all their remixes sound the same: add a little distorted bass, chop up the samples, and viola! LAZRtag remix. They're generic.

Harvey said...

Their remixes are similar. But I have yet to hear any of music in a party setting, so I'm saving all criticism until then. Thomas AKA Mars thought they were worth the post.

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