Nov 22, 2009


Earthlings, hello my name is doesn't mater, but I would like to be called Mars, Thanks. I'm a good friend of Harvey, and he signed me on to the TMJ blog because of our passion for the same thing, good music, parties, beer, and beaches (...beaches, because "bitch's" sounds awkward reading it). Anyway Harv put me and gave me my own spot to write my own column to help share with everyone GOOD music.

I listen and play and will share with you GOOD music, playing the latest, coolest, hypest, music. Electro-house, dance, rock, hip-hop, even pop (trust me), so many different styles but my promise to you they are going to get you to get up and Dance, or jump around until you hit something and brake it.

I'm also going to help Harv in promoting the shit out of this bitch, absolutely everywhere and anyway possible. To start getting some traffic come our way We are also going to start streaming music so its easier for you to play them, and so you wont have to go somewhere else to hear it.

All the music is music I like and is going to come from all over like, my ipodzunesandisckcdplayertapedeck, youtube, radio, tv, humming bird. Where ever, and what ever the DJ's are playing getting everyone to jump around.

So I'm going to be posting every weekend, Saturday or Sunday night, about not only the latest but sometimes old news that you may have not known before about bands, groups, and DJ's. Be sure to comment let us know what you think, let us also know who you want us to feature if we haven't yet.

Anyway I thought I would share with you fellow (bigger name... for now lol) fighters in the mission to share good music and there journey to cure HAAA.

Some of you may have seen this video of Chromeo and Playboy's collaboration fighting for a HAAA cure.

"Learn how to protect your self and others from bad taste in music." Follow Tangent Miss Jump and help us beat HAAA!!!

Thanks Chromeo and Playboy and Harvey


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