Nov 13, 2009

Boemklatsch Records : Mike Mago

Boemklatsch Records is a Holland based Electro Music Label, born from epic parties thrown in the country. They have a steady line up of artists on the label, which include, Dem Slackers, GTronic, Larry Tee, Malente, Jaimie Fanatic, Hostage, Stereoheroes, Mightyfools and Tommie Sunshine. You can expect epic releases from all of them in the upcoming year. My friends at Spread The Noise have allowed me to listen to some tracks from their signee, Mike Mago's, latest EP (out November 19th). The beats are bumpin'. There are also remixes from the likes of, Melente, Dan OH!, and Gomes & Dion. Take the time to listen to this shit, you may dance out of your seat. I've posted the tracks below.

Hey! (original)- Mike Mago
Hey! (GomeDion Remix) - Mike Mago
Wooh! (Original) - Mika Mago
Wooh! (Melente Remix) - Mike Mago
Wooh! (DanOH! Remix) - Mike Mago


1. 5th symphony vs 3 is a crowd - Take it back (Mike Mago simple party mix)
2. Mike Mago - Wooh!
3. Mike Mago - Wooh! (Malente remix)
4. Boemklatsch - Reflex (Jaimie Fanatic Legacy Kidz Club)
5. Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok
6. Paul Simon vs Lee Mortimer - Call Me Where The Party At (Mike Mago simple party mix)
7. Freeland - Only a Fool (Can Die) (ft Gerald V. Casale & Devo) (AC Slater dub)
8. Rockid ft Lady B - Badmen (Mike Mago remix)
9. Blake - What I like (Knuckles remix)
10. Lenny Kravits vs Moston & Malente – Are You Gonna Do The Right Thing (Mike Mago simple party mix)
11. Ebokai - Tonight She's Dancing
12. Alex Gopher - Handguns (Dadalife remix)
13. Dino - I Din't Mean To Turn You On (Purple Lips dub)
14. Dirty Monkeez - Crusherz
15. Queen Africa vs Proper Villains - Sensimillia Is A Trick Baby (Mike Mago simple party mix)
16. Mike Mago - Hey!
17. Gtronic - Ironman (Hostage remix)
18. Riptide - Fk Me
19. Lykke Li vs Dirty Disco Youth- Dance Rules The Nation (Mike Mago simple party mix)
20. Doe maar vs Jean Elan - Doe Maar Light Out (Mike Mago simple party mix)
21. Mike Mago - I Don't Give A
22. Mightyfools - Clean It
23. Little Richard - You Make Me Wanna Party (Mike Mago simple party mix)



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