Oct 11, 2009

You dirty SWINE

Where the fuck have I been? Its been almost 2 weeks without a new post. Well, I've been extremely busy. I work at the god forsaken Abercrombie and Fitch and I'm also going to school. I haven't been rigorously searching for new, exciting, music to post. Or looking for a topic interesting enough to post.

Last night was cool. A couple of friends and I, ventured out to brooklyn to see my boy Arv perform with his band. We were Beyond late, so we caught the last 5 minutes of his set. I enjoyed the little time we spent there, mostly because I met a really cute girl. But, Enough about me. During the past week, I became aware, the Swine flu shot is MANDATORY in the United States. When has a Inoculation ever been mandatory nationwide? besides for the few shots that are required when entering school. The first word that comes to my mind is, Conspiracy. I find it hard to trust our government in terms of this subject. There must be ulterior motives. At this Point there is no definitive answer, so we just have to sit and wait until 2/3 of humans become zombies. WE'LL BE FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES!


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