Oct 30, 2009


This really is not breaking news. Im actually extremely late with this news. Vampire Weekend will be releasing their sophomore album January 12th, 2010. We all know who Vampire Weekend is, don't we? They're an Indie band from New York; Comprised of Ezra Koenig,Rostam Batmanglij, Chris Tomson, and Chris Baio. Their style is described as an "Upper west side soweto" and they draw inspiration from African popular music and Western classical music. Vampire Weekend's eponymous debut album received moderate success with singles such as, A-Punk and Oxford comma. Judging by the sound of the first two singles from their upcoming album titled Contra, fans will be satisfied as they have not strayed from their signature sound or lyrics. I've posted their first two singles below, have a listen.

Ottoman - Vampire Weekend
Horchata - Vampire Weekend


Anonymous said...

That song, "Horchata", is terrible. It makes me want to throttle the band. "Ottoman" isn't much better, but the Redlight remix is amazing.

Considering Chromeo's remix of "The Kids Don't Stand a Chance," I'm thinking Vampire Weekend is a band who's best suited for making samples to be remixed.


Harvey said...

I actually have the Redlight remix and it is much better than the original. But lets just allow the album to come out before we aim violence toward the band.

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