Oct 27, 2009

My Ten Queries of the Week

1) Why is there a Jehovah's Witness or religious zealot posted at almost every train station in queens? Are they going to brain wash the minds of every person that passes, with literature containing biblical connotations and soothing, zionist artwork?---Scary.

2) Why has there been the same bums on my corner for 15 years? What is so appealing about a street corner? No. Sweeping does not compensate for you dirty fucks sitting there everyday; Rain, shine, sleet or snow.

3) Who the fuck is impregnating the mexican women of Corona, Queens? Ew.

4) Why are "Gangsters" and 4XL T-shirts still in existence? Isn't this 2009?-Maybe they didn't get the memo. Calendars probably aren't part of thug life.

5) Why do Black people always have to glamorize things that are already cool and fuck it up?--Stop Fucking Shit Up!

6) Should it be possible that I can distinguish a Colombian by a funny hair cut and a bracelet?

7) Why are some people still dwelling on the fact that SKINNY men wear skinny jeans? In the 80s straight men dressed like women, Literally.--Get over it.

8) Hype Beasts are near extinction and annoying as ever.

9) If you have Facebook, Why do you need Twitter? Isn't It the same concept?

10) Why don't Asians understand that the yellow tape on the back door of the bus, is to open the door, not for a stop request?


gracie said...

now this was funny as hell.

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