Sep 14, 2009

Stupid VMAs

The 2009 MTV VMAs, What a scripted joke. A drunken Kanye West storms the stage to refute the winner of "Best Female Video", only to apologize the next day. Who does that? I don't understand celebrities today, they're all taking the same drugs. The crazy bitch AKA Lady GaGa went through constant costume changes. First arriving in some black neck-brace get up. She looked as though she could pass out at any second. Then a performance which included her body being covered in fake blood. A blood red vale covering her head, with horns visibly protruding from the top of her head(HOW THE FUCK COULD SHE SEE?). And finally a birds nest/lion's mane on her face(Retarded). I expected more from the host Russell Brand, who has better displays of talent in the film, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and his several stand-up specials, which can be found on YOUTUBE. Katy Perry looked fucking sexy, as usual. Otherwise, I could really care less who won what award, as I have become disconnected from most of today's mainstream music. With all that said, Fuck MTV (show more videos) and Fuck the VMAS.


LOveleSS Jun' said...

lol I agree in many ways. MTV and BET both need to show more videos but then again...where's the good musik anyway?? Makes you think...

- LOveleSS J**

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