Sep 13, 2009

The Red Light Horror

Yesterday I had speakers plugged into my Macbook Pro so I could blast music. I plugged them out when I was done and closed my Macbook, thinking nothing of it. But this morning when I opened my Mac, there was a strange red glow coming from my headphone jack and I had no sound coming from my speakers. I almost panicked, but I quickly Googled the problem and found a solution. Apparently when high definition speakers are plugged into the jack, it causes some compensative reaction; which sometimes is not reversed when the speakers are plugged out. The solution is to find a toothpick, paperclip or hairpin, then delicately wiggle it around in the jack until the light turns off. I assure you, if this is done right, no damage will be caused. I have my sound back and headphones or speakers still work if plugged in.


yacki said...

ay dios mio!

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