Sep 5, 2009

The New Friday Night?

There has been a turn for the better. "TMJ" has found a bar to host a local Queens party on friday nights, "DANCE LIFE FRIDAYS". FACE Bar is predominantly patronized by middle aged Asian men, who want to drink their pay-check away or young asian girls, that love karaoke. But as of recently, if you're not already in L.E.S or Brooklyn, this is a cool place to hang out. There are no REAL drink specials yet, but you can easily sneak 12oz or 22oz into the bar. It has a fairly, mediocre sized dance-floor, chairs and tables along the wall and also a nook that houses a couch, a table, and small table stools. If it gets too
hot inside, there is an outside area where you can discreetly smoke a cigarette. The house DJs are MIKA 5000 and HIRO. They'll be the ones bumping your favorite Electro, Reggae and Hip-hop tunes you want to dance to, along with some new shit you probably have not heard before. Get ready for some epic fridays, sorry, I mean, DANCE LIFE FRIDAYS.


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