Aug 6, 2009

Friendly Fires

So, unemployment has had me up late hours, entertained by none other than, my television. If you have stayed up late, around 4 am, you've realized that MTV is airing music videos again (surprise, surprise). During my early morning video watching, I came across this very interesting video and song by a band called, Friendly Fires. Friendly Fires is an English band comprised of three members, Ed Macfarlane, Jack Savidge and Edd Gibson. The song is titled "Kiss of life", which has a nice drum and bass feel to it and a nice keyboard undertone. It is also accompanied by the lead singer's, Ed Macfarlane, melodic voice. The video, is what truly drew me in. It takes place in a desert somewhere, but starts off with a close-up of Ed's face then cuts to multiple background drummers wearing mask's similar to those seen in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut". It also features the band members dancing, but Ed's corky, almost feminine, dance moves stand out the most. Friendly Fires is a fairly new band. They released their LP last fall, along with a couple other singles, but are re-releasing it this August 31st. I believe they are a band to look out for, they may stick around for a while.


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