Aug 9, 2009

Fall Semester.

School starts in a few weeks and strange enough, I am anxious to begin the semester. This summer has been an eventful one, but I am ready to let it go. I want to release myself of the constant mis-use of my brain, the drinking and the occasional partake in recreational reefer. I've met a lot of people, some that may remain acquaintances and others that became friends. I've grown closer to people and discovered more about myself in the process. The only qualm I have after all this is, am I truly ready to embark the rest of my life? If I completely devote my energy towards my Accounting degree I could graduate in a year and a half. But like most others, Im still afraid of what the future may hold. Will I be good enough? Has college completely prepared me for my career choice? I bombard myself with these questions everyday. None-the-less, I am actually aiming towards this degree whole heartedly. I expect nothing but A's from the work I expel, I just hope I don't become my own worst enemy again.


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