Aug 5, 2009


Last night i was pleasantly surprised by this refreshing film starring, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. 500 Days of Summer is an indie, romantic-comedy about the relationship between, Tom (Levitt), a hopeless romantic, brainwashed by societies mirage of finding your "soulmate" or your "one true love". And Summer (Deschanel), a guarded woman, tarnished by her parents divorce. The fragmented style of the film delightfully guides the viewer through Tom and Summer's joyous occasions, trials and discords. The director, Marc Webb, skillfully captures and conveys the aura of Tom and Summer's relationship.
It's hard to write a full review about the movie without fucking up the experience of your first time watching it. Its an awesome movie, just go see it.


yacki said...

i was told that it's comparable to eternal sunshine. is this true?

Harvey said...

No. It may be in the same genre. But, i wouldn't compare the two.

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